• Fish filets
  • Several Cabbage leaves, whole

For any type of fish steak or filet or large peeled shrimp, lightly season with STEAKMAKER and let stand for 30 minutes.

Over a low, intensely smoky fire shingle an area on the grill big enough for the fish with a double thickness of cabbage leaves & place the fish on the leaf. As they heat up the leaves will curl to cup the fish and hold the juices against the meat to keep the fish moist. Because the leaves themselves are moist they will slow your cooking time & give you an extra five or ten minutes of smoke. When the fish is done & very fragile slide a spatula under the leaf & flip the whole thing onto a platter. Discard the leaves. Enjoy.

Clean mushrooms and remove stem adn any webbing covering the gills. Lightly oil the cap, then turn it upside down and sprinkle STEAKMAKER into the gills, then lightly oil that side. Let stand 30 minutes before cooking over a hot (steak-cooking) fire. Start with cap up for 3-5 minutes, until it starts to sweat, then flip cap down and grill until soft, another 5+ minutes. For the best look, turn the cap 90 degrees after a few minutes to get criss-cross grill marks. Serve as a side or a vegetarian main course, or slep it on a bun for a meatless burger.